Specialising in law, commerce and industry, marketing and certified translations.

My knowledge is the road to your success.

There is no question about it: specialist translations require in-depth knowledge of the respective specialist areas in order to be of a high standard.

Given my background in both business management and languages, that can of course only mean one thing:

The world of reporting, balance sheets and legal clauses is where I predominantly work and feel most at home.

Less is sometimes more.

…which is only to your benefit. You found someone who does not – like many agencies – “specialize” in all languages and specialist areas, but who is happy to concentrate on what I do better than others.

Public authorities, lawyers and consultants alike, appreciate having one direct point of contact who knows what she is writing about.

Whether you are a company or an individual, I provide clarity and transparency for all your business and personal transactions – right down to the smallest legal detail. If desired or required, I will gladly certify any translation – even if it is just to put your mind at ease.

You will learn about the value and unique selling points of your product or service – even beyond domestic borders.

Rest assured that you get exactly your message across – for those moments when “about” and “around” just don’t suffice…

Expertise at a Fixed Price.

Fixed prices allow you to relax and they make my job easier. Where possible, I will quote you a fixed price based on the estimated workload. Nobody likes nasty surprises.

By the way: I have no qualms turning down a job if I believe that one of my colleagues is more qualified. The Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ), for example, provides a list of more than 6,000 professional linguists that cover various specialist areas and language combinations – your translation would be in excellent hands.

Many satisfied customers appreciate these work ethics of mine.