Click … and away – or click to stay?

The web on your doorstep.

Nowadays, a successful business cannot afford to do without a website.

Small to medium sized businesses particularly benefit from the internet, as it provides an important platform to effectively and cost efficiently market their products and services.

Online we are able to reach a vast number of potential clients, but by the same token, our competitors are also much closer – they share the same web space as us and they are never more than just one mouse click away.

The internet and print media are two very different kettles of fish. Online readers usually don‘t read entire pages and take in all of the content. Instead they tend to skim through the product offering on the lookout for those keywords that are deemed to be of interest to them at that particular moment.

You already have your own website, but nobody is coming to visit?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Web copy should be both appealing to customers and effective when it comes to Google and the like.

You know how important Search Engine Advertising and Online Marketing are in your marketing mix, but you are too busy with your daily business tasks to develop a strategy, manage AdWords campaigns and regularly post fresh content to your blog?

I am here to help.

Maybe you are only starting out and still require a concept?
Or you already have concrete ideas but don’t know how to put them into words?

Even if you already have a fully functioning website with full web copy but you think it could do with a few “finishing touches“, I would like to hear from you.

By the way, if you “accidentally” stumbled across my website, it most certainly was no coincidence…