Can I have some more?

…Precision and appeal

I am sure you are no stranger to texts that literally scream “translation”:

grammatically correct, no mistakes or obvious stylistic blunders, but somehow dull, boring and meaningless.

On many occasions they may fall under the radar, but in the unforgiving world of advertising, they stand out like a sore thumb and you find yourself thinking, “this is not the work of a native speaker”.

Only native speakers with an inherent command of their mother tongue and the ability to effectively play on words, are in a position to write the type of advertising copy that puts a smile on your face, sends shivers down your spine and is able to “wow” you.

Good copy is fun, inspiring, informative – and convincing.

Take advantage of this opportunity – regardless of whether you are an agency, a company or a freelancer – and

…drive traffic to your website that sticks.
…successfully launch your product in your chosen market
…increase the click through rate of customer mailings.
…achieve the desired response rate from direct mail campaigns.
…ensure your promotional brochure is credible and trustworthy.

My command meets your demand.