Certified Translations

Certified Translations – English, German and Spanish

Quality signed, sealed… and delivered – for companies and individuals.

Job hunting in the States, setting up a company in England or planning to wed in Mauritius:

No matter what your plans are – this is what you know: you need a certified translation. What you don’t know, you can find here in frequently asked questions.

Of course you don’t want to entrust your personal or confidential files to just anyone.

It should go without saying that I am sworn to secrecy by reason of my occupation, but I am mentioning it here to reassure you. For me, treating sensitive corporate and personal data with a sense of responsibility and discretion is not an option, it is a given.

I am a sworn translator for English, German and Spanish, authorized by the Munich Regional Court I, and I am licensed to certify translations.

What exactly does that mean?

Each certified translation is verified with my seal and signature to attest the accuracy and completeness of the translation and the correct rendering of the original text. I also note whether the source of the translated text was an original document, a copy or a certified copy.

In principle, I do not necessarily require the original document, but in many cases I do in fact prefer to base the translation on an original. Copies of official records from public authorities are, for example, often illegible, and it is much easier to put documents of irregular formats and sizes in an envelope and post them.

There is no difference in price between a certified and a regular translation (apart from a certification fee). I am sure you agree that the quality of a translation should not be dependent on a seal?

It goes without saying, that – where possible – documents, and especially translated school certificates, match the format of the original, that school types and qualifications are clarified unless these are clear from the context and that each stamp and the like are specified in the translation. This is why the minimum fee for each project is €50.00.

Important to know:

A certified translation does not mean that the translator authenticates or certifies a document the way a notary would. What is certified, in the sense of “confirm”, is the accuracy of the translation.

A certified translation is only valid in conjunction with the original seal from the translator, not from a translating agency, and it may not be sent via email.

In terms of timing this means: to be on the safe side you should allow for two additional working days to receive the completed translation via post, courier or personal collection.

But all good things start with an inquiry.